Industry Field

A, group development history

West king group was founded in 1986, the predecessor for zouping west WangFuLi oil cotton factory, in November 1992, set up the zouping county in the west king industrial corporation, in March 1996, set up the mountain king what group company, April 2001 restructuring for mountain things king group co., LTD., in May 2007, renamed as west king group co., LTD. After twenty-four years of development, west king group has developed into to corn processing as its main business, investment involves real estate, logistics, thermoelectric, beverage industries of the national large industrial enterprise group. RongLie 2010 China top 500 enterprises 380, China's manufacturing industry's top 500 201, holding west king industry (Hong Kong) and ginde development (shenzhen) two listed companies. In May 2006, respectively, in August 2010 by the Chinese food industry association named "China sugar are (starch sugar)", "China corn city".

Second, the historical experience

1, industry scale: the crystal sugar, fructose and glucose acid sodium are the largest production scale, the main products leading technology, market stability, the three consecutive win the national starch sugar industry first.

2, management experience, since its establishment, the company gradually perfect internal control system, and according to the company's actual situation, in purchasing management, production management, sales management, financial and capital management, personnel management to establish a relatively standard internal management system. To each company for production operation subject, group as a plan and control platform group control mode preliminary formation.

3, team construction, set up the introduction, use and retain talent of the good mechanism. To emotional recognition and career advancement opportunities, pay worker, and actively introduce highly educated, high title "tends to" talented person, has more than 5000 large and technical secondary school graduates, more than 100 Chinese and foreign master, doctor, more than 300 senior management, technical, marketing talent.

4, technology innovation: have a strong technical innovation ability, now has more than 100 independent intellectual property rights. Crystal fructose production key technology of 9 scientific research achievements, all passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal, are the domestic origination. Enterprise was identified as the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, the enterprise technology center for provincial enterprise technology center, China glucose quality testing center, national laboratory, enterprise approved to set up postdoctoral research stations.

5, circular economy: the development of recycling economy, and strive to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly enterprises, in the corn processing aspects to form the recycling raw materials, product arrangement in the development of west king has characteristics of the circulation economic model. Circular economy make total raw material utilization ratio as high as 99% above, the product total yield reached above 97.5%.

6, enterprise culture: established "build one hundred inheritance, the construction of modern west king" the grand vision and "health west king, honesty west king, suffering west king, happy west king" values, through the establishment of the western WangPinDao, the new west king people newspaper, west king website, west king, such as the cultural construction platform, promote enterprise idea, constructs the harmonious enterprise, promote enterprise culture construction.

7, new rural construction of socialism: XiWangCun to work through sinon to qi xing village, new rural construction of socialism walking in the national front row, in May 2010, successfully held the first China national economy strong village spiritual civilization construction forum, won the "national advanced basic-level party organization", "China economic ten strong village", "national WenMingCun" and the honorary title.